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From The Raw Feed MLN Sports:

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PEORIA, Ill. – The Peoria Rivermen are proud to announce that right wing Eric Neilson has been named the team's winner of the American Specialty/AHL Man of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the Peoria community during the 2008-09 season.

In his first full season with the Rivermen, Neilson immediately immersed himself in the Peoria community by volunteering for numerous events at local schools, hospitals and organizations. He served as a waiter to benefit the Children's Hospital of Illinois, offered to have his hair dyed pink for the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation and rang bells for the Salvation Army. He has read stories to school children and signed autographs at local businesses. He has even impressed preschoolers by leading a game of "Simon Says" or sitting in on a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose."

As an enforcer on the ice, Neilson quickly became a fan-favorite and meeting him off the ice only reinforces his popularity. His friendliness towards fans and outgoing personality make him the perfect ambassador for the Rivermen. He is the first one to volunteer for an event and is always willing to fill in at the last minute in a pinch. He even doubles as a co-host on the team's radio post-game show. "

Sounds Llike a very like-able guy. I would like to see him get a chance with the big club. Bonus, he is playing again tonite. :lol:

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I really liked what Neilson brought last night.

I mean... I don't mind the fighting too much, but that's not exactly what I enjoy the most about hockey.

But when it gets rough it really doesn't hurt to have some guys who can play that game. Neilson seems to be pretty good in that game.

Jacques Martin knows how and when to you those guys and putting him back in tonight shows that he thoughts Neilson left his mark.

There's an audio interview with Neilson over @ HabsInside/Out... Neilson seems quite intelligent about his role really... even scouting the guys he knows he might face.

Should be fun tonight with both Neilson and Stewart in the lineup.

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I wish I could have seen his ''third fight'' last last, I don't know exactly what happend but it looked like he was unfairly ejected from the game as he still had his gloves on...Refs took pitty on the Sens I guess ;)

Got caught from behind...did not see the player ??? :angry: Did not even drop his gloves.

But be rest assure,he's got the # & the gloves will come off, as well as buddy's face next bout. :D

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