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How To Get Us Out Of The Hole We've Dug


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Long, but insightful read.

I don't think there's a Habs fan who isn't cautiously optimistic about this season. I think we're all just hoping and praying that our new acquisitions are the answers to so many unsolved problems from the not so-distant memory that is 08-09.

Here's what we need to look at in reality. We've lost the heart and soul of this organization-

Saku, enough said

Kovalev (not really heart and soul, but you get the point)

Komisarek (edit)

We picked up some guys to plug those holes, but really, a very temporary solution. They're like those plugs that don't quite do the trick - sooner or later the water is going to break through. I was once a huge Gainey fan, but his moves have completely puzzled me.

We have one of the smallest teams in the league, whilst playing in quite possibly the biggest and toughest division (Bos/Tor). I hate to think about this, but the Bruins are going to absolutely dominate us physically, and I don't even want to think about what will happen when we play Toronto. You have to think that Bob would have realized the situation, especially with a guy like Burke in Toronto - everyone knows the kind of team he likes.

I think Ottawa is a team we can easily compete with night in night out, and Buffalo can just edit.

So let's break down the first part of this. We're an even SMALLER team than we were, a quick team, but probably not the quickest (Ottawa has a fast team, and anyone seen toronto this year? edit). I wouldn't say we dropped off this offseason, but we moved sideways. Not always a horrible situation, but it is when the teams around you get better.

Now, there was not a huge crop of d-men available this offseason, in fact, the most valuable player available came from our team and - figures - signed with the leafs. Hard to fault Gainey for the lack of moves on that front, but there's no question we're lacking in that department. So then it comes down to a big question - Mr. Price.

I believe in this kid, but his season last year was...mediocre..to put it nicely. If he had played out the entire year like his second half, his stats would have been on pace for last among starters in the league (well behind the injured Vesa Toskala, and J.S. Giguere). I know it's pre-season, but the kid looks like he's picking up where he left off. We'll take that with a grain of salt, however, as the season is a whole new story.

So what do we need to do? Well looking ahead, we need to get a hell of a lot bigger and more competitive. We picked up three guys up front who are not regarded as huge competitors, have some skill, but won't flourish in a division like this. Our d needs to be addressed, hopefully before season's end. (Hal Gill, really?). And goaltending remains a question, but I do believe Sanford is good support for Price.

Could be a long season, but hopefully we can stay in the thick of the race.


Division Prediction-

1. Boston (yea, yea I know..what an intelligent observation)

2. Toronto (sad, but true)

3. Montreal (close race with us and ottawa, we'll come out on top)

4. Ottawa (no, and i mean no depth. some skill..but we saw what that got 'em last year)

5. Buffalo (mess of a re-building situation)

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