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Gardiner Cup - Scotland


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The Hamilton Bulldogs will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland Tuesday September 22nd for the beginning of their 2009-2010 training camp. The Bulldogs will participate in The Gardiner Cup, a four-team tournament to celebrate "Ice Hockey's Homecoming".

The 'Dogs will compete for the Gardiner Cup against the AHL's Toronto Marlies and the UK Elite League's Edinburgh Capitals and Belfast Giants. The Bulldogs will meet their archrival, the Marlies, in an exhibition contest at 2:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, September 24th. Hamilton will begin the four-team tournament with a semi-final game against the Belfast Giants at 12:30 p.m. EST on Saturday, September 26th. The two winning teams from Saturday's semi-final games will play for the Gardiner Cup in the Championship game at 12:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 27th while the two losing teams will face-off in the consolation final on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. EST.

Would love to get any camp, game reports, observations from our Habs fans in the UK, please post.

(Also any reports from vacationing Habs/Bulldogs fans - Lammy you are Scottish aren't you? :unsure: Are you going??? :lol: )

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News to me - you may be right.

(Well at least he can work the crowds - he has quite a great personality - charmed everyone here in Hamilton when he made a brief visit last year!)

1st pre-season game...1st shift,unless I'm misread some info....hurt is ankle.

I do not know how serious it was....just remember hearing of this on a sports talkshow.

I could not fine links to verify this....maybe I am mistaken,but I could have sworn I heard something of this....Anyways ;)

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Apparently the game will be audio broadcast (as all games are) on CHAM 820 (available on the net of course) starting at 2pm.

The game is also being streamed online for 7 pounds (don't know what that is in our money and don't know if the quality will be any good)

you can find the link through the Scottish team's website - google "Edinburgh Capitals" - pretty interesting site too - they seem to have quite a league going!!!!


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Very cool to listen to Derek (and Scottish Willie as colour man) at 4 pm while driving home on the QEW!!!!

Derek is to the Bulldogs what Tom Cheek was to the Blue Jays - great job today!!!! I liked the interaction with Willie Dunn.

Don't remember so many references before to "Baby Habs"/ "Baby Leafs" - but usually I'm at the Dogs-Marlie games so I don't hear those broadcasts.

The game was a hard fought goalies' battle with the Bulldogs dominating in chances, if not on the scoreboard, JT Wyman got the winner midway through the 3rd period. The crowd was very enthusiastic - very audible on the broadcast and seemed to favour the 'Baby Habs' a little. Desjardins played two periods and Missaen (?) the 3rd.

Subban was playing, not sure if he stood out much. Desharnais seemed to be flying but maybe some of our Scottish friends could fill in the details.

By all accounts it was quite hard fought for an exhibition game and we triumphed 1-0.

Next the Marlies play the Edinburgh Capitals and the Bulldogs the Belfast Giants - the winners then will meet in the final and the losers in the consolation. Scottish Willie said it will be a minor miracle if either the Scots or the Irish teams win but lets hope the Marlies get knocked off.

GO DOGS GO! Things look good for this season!

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Subban was playing, not sure if he stood out much. Desharnais seemed to be flying but maybe some of our Scottish friends could fill in the details.

I'd agree with that... Subban looked ok but didn't stand out much.

Desharnais looked very, very good. Also #82 Felix Petit looked like he had decent hands and seems determined to make the Dogs roster.

Line up an numbers as follows.

# 30 Cedrick Desjardins

# 35 Robert Mayer

# 6 Chad Anderson

# 8 Brett Robinson

# 10 JT Wyman

# 15 Mike Glumac ©

# 19 Brock Trotter

# 20 Ryan Russell

# 24 Michael Busto

# 25 Ryan White

# 29 Eric Neilson

# 32 Frederic St. Denis

# 44 Shawn Belle (A)

# 47 Kenton Dulle

# 51 David Desharnais

# 61 Andre Benoit

# 64 Sam Bloom

# 76 PK Subban

# 82 Felix Petit

# 85 Mikael Johansson

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They won 6-1 (I believe) against the Edinburgh Capitals.

Bulldogs final score was 7-0 with goals from Trotter, Anderson (some would say Russell) and.......

Player of the game was the Belfast Giants goalie - Stephen Murphy - who kept it close considering the mismatch - he stopped 41 of 52 shots!!!

Great broadcast again by Derek Wills on CHAM 820 - he and Scottish colour man Willie Dunn worked really well together - very enjoyable to listen to! (although he can't replace Al Craig!!!)

So the Giants play the Capitals and the Bulldogs play the Marlies for the Gardiner Cup (apparently quite a nice trophy - named in honour of Blackhawks vezina winning goalie Jimmy Gardiner - a Scot!!!).

The final with the Bulldogs and the Marlies is broadcast tomorrow around 12:30 our time!!!!!

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Bulldogs played very well. Only fault I could really pick was that they tended to try to overplay on occasion. Should be a tight game against the Marlies tomorrow.

How is the crowd reacting to the games??? Is there any Bulldog/Marlie merchandising. Would love to hear about some of the off ice stuff and the locals reaction to the whole thing.


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