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Gretzky Steps Down As Head Coach


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Must have killed him. A winner at every level. Im sure this was a real shock to his system, but I think he made the right decision. It will be interesting to see how he does elsewhere. I know he's been given a pretty crap team most of the time - with a revolving door of players, no less, but I suspect a system coach like a Lemaire, Martin or similar might have been able to make them competitive at least.

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Some are ripping him on bailing out ,while his coaching staff & players get ready for the start of the season.

They ( Some hockey analysts) are saying he should be there for them...hummm.

Now,on the other hand,hot topic,of course on talk shows....so much support for gretz & discuss for the league...believe he got royally screwed...the call In's to talk shows is unbelievable....

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Kings Interested In Gretzky...

If Wayne Gretzky wants to return to the National Hockey League in some capacity, count the Los Angeles Kings as one of the teams interested in The Great One.

Kings president and general manager Dean Lombardi expressed his interest in Gretzky in an interview with the Fan 590 radio station in Toronto.

Lombardi, who said he spoke briefly to Gretzky, didn't specify the role that he had in mind for the NHL's career-leading scorer.

"I'd like to bring (Gretzky) back in some capacity now that he's done there," Lombardi told the Fan 590. "I think when you talk about kids learning to win, I think it would be great if we could bring him back to where he almost brought this place to the promised land."

Gretzky resigned from his post as the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes last week, after being absent from the club during training camp, while the fate of the club sits in bankruptcy court.

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