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Canadiens alumni Claude Lemieux and Stephane (the Habs last 50 goal scorer) Richer are taking part in Battle of the Blades a CBC TV reality show premiering Oct. 5.

from CBC:

"BATTLE OF THE BLADES is a fierce competition of grace and drama as some of Canada's elite Olympic and World female figure skaters team up with eight of the NHL's greatest hockey players in this pair's figure skating showdown. Over seven weeks and 14 episodes, the pairs take to the ice at the historic Maple Leaf Gardens in rehearsals with coaches and mentors, and ultimately work together to perform a new routine live on the Sunday night telecast. Viewers will vote for their favourite pairs and the bottom two will return the following night (Monday) for a skate-off, with the four judge panel deciding who gets to continue. Each week, the eliminated pair will donate $25,000 to the charity of their choice. The winning pair will be chosen by viewer votes and will donate $100,000 to their favorite charity.

A highly accomplished cast of Canadian athletes and icons are on board. Shae-Lynn Bourne, Isabelle Brasseur, Marie-France Dubreuil, Jodeyne Higgins, Christine Hough-Sweeney, Kristina Lenko, Jamie Salé, and Barbara Underhill are the eight figure skaters who will each be teamed up with an NHL great. Glenn Anderson, Tie Domi, Ron Duguay, Ken Daneyko, Bob Probert Stéphane Richer, Craig Simpson, and Claude Lemieux are the hockey legends who will attempt a sport they've never tried with an entire nation watching. "

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Don Cherry has signed on as a judge. Ron Maclean will host.


Thanks for putting a damper on my up-till-now eagerness to watch something on CBC! :(

I should have known the Toronto Public Network ...aka...CBC couldn't air a program without polluting it ! Oh well,I'll probably watch it anyway ,even if I do have to put up with Superwimp and his Bully! :P

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Pretty good so far. These guys are working hard out there.

Bob Probert is the first one to leave for those that are wondering.

I hope Domi doesn;t win this JUST because he was an ex Leaf. :angry:

That's what I'm thinking is going to happen. Domi wins a CBC show at Maple Leaf Gardens. Sound about right? Anyways, I watched it on Sunday night, and I have to say, I enjoyed it. And I'm not a figure skating fan.

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Blades has been a success for CBC ratings wise and is a hot ticket in TO. I read last week that ticket brokers are charging over $100 a seat for tickets CBC originally priced at $5. William Houston had an article on the ratings and Blades has over 1M viewers a week and had close to 3M on its debut. The show seems to appeal mostly to a female demographic but surprisingly 40% of viewers are men. Expect a new crop of ex-nhlers next year, Battle of the Blades 2 is in the planning stages.


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