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Visiting Montreal In October; Any Suggestions?


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Hi everyone,

I'm visiting montreal for the first time in october. Of course, I want to visit the city and see what is out there, (from going to Mount Royal to taste testing the difference between Saint Viateur bagels vs. Fairmont bagels), but also I'm looking to see what kind of attractions are available for a diehard montreal canadiens fan. If anyone could suggest some stuff, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Make sure you stop by http://www.schwartzsdeli.com/ too.

I dont know if that's still open but maybe you can stop by there: http://www.hhof.com/html/exMonCent.shtml

yeah, thanks for the advice on schwarz's deli; it sounds like the kind of place that i would like to go to; but also do you guys know of any sports stores that carries alot of montreal canadiens memorabilia? just cool stuff that i could probably only get in montreal. thanks again.

Uh, I wouldn't discourage you from going to Schwart'z but be aware that it's quite ordinary. The quality of the food has sorta gone down over the years and the staff can be rude from time to time. Oh and don't order lean meat; it's for tourists. I would recommend medium-fat.

And I have no idea for sports stores.

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