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Sundin Retires


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As a Toronto resident, I've seen quite a few Leafs games over the years (more than I'd like to, but when you live with a Leaf fan it's a domestic hazard). Sundin was a good player and a good leader for the Leafs - I think it's kind of a shame that a great career is going to end with barely a whimper, and be nothing more than a footnote in the history of hockey (everywhere outside of Toronto, that is). With that being said, I think it could have ended differently and better if he had had the good sense to sign with the Habs last year when they came calling.

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Good to see he came to his senses. Too bad it was about 2 years too late.

If only he hadnt nixed the trades at the deadline 2 years ago. The most high profile (confirmed) one being the package we offered for him.

I mean imagine if we had had sundin/koivu/pleks as our top 3 centres that playoff? You think Boston would have taken us to 7? You think Philly would have beaten us? I can almost guarantee we would have made it to the final 4, maybe even the finals.

Ah well, such is life. I am sad that he never got a chance to hoist the cup, he was a truly special player, but it happens to some of the best of them.

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A fitting anticlimax. Had Sundin retired last summer, I'd have given him all the accolades he deserved. But his behavior in the past year just makes me happy that he never won the Cup and finished with a subpar season in Vancouver. The lasting memory of his playing career will be of him refusing a trade out of Toronto on the grounds of not wanting to be a rental player, then spending half a year navel-gazing before becoming a rental player for the only team still willing to pay for his (overrated) services. :D :D

Good riddance, you sack of crap.

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