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Oct. 1 2009 | Regular Season Game #1 - Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs


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Awesome thread. However, not nice calling the Leaf's players losers and traitors but I'm willing to let it go :lol:

Haha :P I tried not to use any swear words and such. They're a whole different species than normal hockey players so the least insulting word is loser and KOMISAREK has the traitor coming :P

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In all seriousness I'm really excited to see this match. Toronto and Montreal could be on the most hyped rivarlies in the NHL and playing the 1st regular season game is just the icing on the cake. The cherry on top is that Komisarek a former Canadiens will be playing them and I'm really pumped to see who would win.

If Montreal wins I get to laugh at all my friends.

If Toronto wins I won't here the end of it until Montreal beats them.

no hammer for tomorrow night?

According to TSN icechips, he is not playing.

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Great gameday thread! Here's hoping you can improve on that signiture under your name (sorry ZetPaul ;))

The Leafs/Habs haven't had quite the same rivalry in the last few years, I've found....but that's different now for some reason. I don't know if it's because of Komi or because it's the first game of the season or what, but I'm PSYCHED to see this game.

Maybe it's just how much you have to hear Leaf fans go on about their improved new team (as evidenced by the 8 or so threads in around the league that turned into discussing that topic). Anyways, I want a blowout. GO HABS GO!

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i thougt that the rules are rules ;)

anyway, i hope that ron wilson won't change his mind about his starting goalie in the first game. vesa toskala is completley out of form, and gustafsson is


You really might want to reconsider your attitude with that comment. Loser and Traitor is on the bottom of the list when you are argueing with a Moderator and when you said foolish things in the Sergei kostitsyn thread. ;)

Anyways I want this gamethread to be all fun and games.

Now relating to the game I too hope Vesa Toskala is playing and yes I jonas is a good goalie but someone pointed out a good fact saying that he never played a full game and the games he played in are in preseason. On that 2on0 don't get me wrong it was a nice save but if it was gionta and gomez storming into the zone by themselves there is a high chance that the puck will end up in the net

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