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Will Rds Sell Rights To Watch Online This Year???


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It seemed like the answer to this was no, but I just found this post on Habs I/O from poster OldGrover:

"FYI, anyone looking for streaming RDS, I got this back from their support :

Please note that further to the test experience of last year, we are presently working on the configuration of a widen Zone de Match on RDS.ca.

However, the met challenges prevent us from offering this new complete service, among others, for the beginning of the season of the LNH. Thank you for your understanding."

Fingers crossed they get it up and running sooner rather than later!

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for those who did this last year, how much did it cost you?

im never willing to shell out the 70-80 dollars every month for satellite just to watch the habs, but the crappy streams ive been watching are starting to get to me, lol

It was $79.99 for the whole season plus playoffs, then partway into the season (Dec.?) they had a cheaper price for what was left of the season, but I forget how much.

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