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So, not sure where else to put this except trying to copy/paste it into every GDT.... which seems a bit ridiculous...

Anyways, I just got the online newsletter and it announced the Canadiens' Voice of the Fans, a system where we pick our top 3 offence and 2 defense for each game.

Here's a quote from the site itself.

During every Canadiens game throughout the 2009-10 season, vote for your three Canadiens star forwards and two star defensemen for that night. Your votes will help crown the Habs Player of the Month and eventual Player of the Year at both forward and on the blue line. The polls open 90 minutes into each game and close at noon the following day.
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Well... not so moot considering that a player of the year is going to be picked at the end of it all.

well, how many goalies would you expect to have to chose from each game? then again, they could have included the goalies with the Ds and asked for 3 votes

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