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Chicago Blackhawks 2009-2010

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Ok Chicago, youd better damn well win, you are the logical and natural choice (with their run last year and Pitts and Detroit out) you are a better team than Philadelphia and frankly the best chance you will have to win in the next five years is right now due to impending cap hell, go and end the 49 year drought. :lol:

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Go Hawks!

Have always been a fan of the Hawks... Of all the original 6 teams, Chicago was always my fav after the Habs. I even mentioned a few years ago (when Scotty joined his son), that the hawks were a team to watch out for. What a group of young players, Toews, Kane, Versteeg, Keith, Sharp, Bufyglien (how ever you spell it) and a hot goalie in Niemi.

I think the Flyers are in for a hard series.

It's been long enough, Hawks need the cup back in Chicago. If the cup isn't going to a Canadian team, well, at least it can go to an original 6.

They will lose, they have Marian Hossa :)

Good point... But I think he may have finally chosen a winner with the Hawks.

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