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Last season's thread is here but I thought I'd open a new one for this season.

So here are some of my photos from the home opener. With Markov out, I 'limited' myself to 500 intead of the usual 750-1000 :lol: They're not all to my liking but like the team, I need to find my groove ;)




The presentation



The Game

CRB's picks:

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Here are a few pics from last night, my camera survived the stripes. Actually, it's not that bad, just missing a lot of red over all. There are a couple of nice catches but I didn't single out any 'CRB pick', I cant decide which I like best.


The game:




Shoot out :

Next photoshoot: December 1st... the Laffs again :D

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thanks for sharing those, too bad you had to witness such a bad performance from the habs

you aren't kidding it was a real stinker to say the least. Mind you I would rather watch a terrible HABS game even live than have to witness the Leafs playing at any time. There are many more in the album just click on one link and you can then look at all the pics in my photobucket album.

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It's time to bring back this thread on the 1st page

**drum roll**

Laffs game pics from Tuesday ... haha! :P

The warmup:

The Game:

CRB’s Picks:

no worries, plenty from the 100th coming up as well this weekend ... i need to look at them first :lol:

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