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I saw this game on another forum and it's usually a laugh

^ = a comment about the poster above you

< = a comment about yourself or just a thought you have right now

v= A prediction or comment about the next person who posts

You can post anything you want (Provided it is not against the forum rules ;) ) and it doesn't have to be true.


^ This is a new topic, that will probably confuse a few people

< Took 3 days before i fully understood this game

v= Just ate the last cupcake

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^ Has anger issues :P

< Wondering if that comment will make GHC angry

V Has anger issues

^ Will be banned by the end of the season by GHC


V Must be thoroughly confused by now


< is indeed hopelessly confused and can only express himself through secret code

v owes me a sandwich

^ Can't provide an IOU so no dice on the sandwhich

< Could really use a sandwhich right now, roasted Turkey on cheese bread would hit the spot

v Has never tried cheese bread before

Kindred, hell of an idea. I just laughed so hard, heck I'm still laughing as I'm typing over the posts above. This is great.

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^ Took thirty minutes to write one sentence because he was laughing so hard

< Took thirty minutes to write this because he can't spell...( boy the Nun's would be upset with me...)

V Has written several letters to the makers of Jello requesting they make Tuna Fish flavored Jello

....oh and I have never tried cheese bread......

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^- Probably needs to go back to English to study basic grammar.

<- Will give others teams super high-end stats for money to cause the Habs to lose.

V- Is a Leafs fan.

^ Keeps a life sized Komisarek cutout in his closet and hugs it every night before bed

< Is so ashamed of himself for liking the leafs (apparently)

V Will need to buy me a habs jersey to get me back on board

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^is a closet leafs fan and still keeps in touch with Tie Domi

<will send him a used Canadiens jersey that Grabovski used to wear

V streaked up and down his neighbourhood when the Leafs won last night

^- Apparnently is a Grabovski fan

<- Streaked last night when the Leafs won but that wasn't why I was streaking.

V- Thinks basketball is better than hockey

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