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Should Richards Have Been Suspended?


How many games?  

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After seeing last nights hit of Richards on Booth. I personally felt that this was a guaranteed 3 games due to the hoopla surounding hits to the head.


Just found out that he gets nothing http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=296083

I find this to be another in a long line of bad decisions by the NHL. Richards does have a history of these hits. Some may remember his hit on Kovalev 2 seasons ago in almost the exact fashion.

I realize that by the rule book it was a legal hit, but it was by no means clean. If the NHL suspends it's better players for these actions, the rest of the league would know they were serious.

If this was Laraque or Stortini hitting Booth, do you think they would walk away without a suspension?

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I don't think there's anything you can do. Was it nasty? Yes. But it was just a big, heavy, open-ice hit. Booth left himself vulnerable and all Richards did was essentially skate through him. No jumping (he didn't leave his feet), and he kept his elbow pretty tucked in.

Reminds me a lot of an old Scott Stevens hit.

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Ou wow, that hit was nasty. He didn't keep his elbow tucked in at all. That in my opinion is a dangerous hit and looked to be an obvious intent to injure. These are the kinds of hits that need to be eliminated from the NHL! I hope that Booth recovers from the hit, wow! I love Richards but that was uncalled for!

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The NHL doesn't make sense. Little slew foots get fines/suspensions while blatant hits to the head get nothing. Wasn't the NHL supposed to crack down on hits to the head? Just because the guy is vulnerable doesn't mean it's open season on his head.

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Just because the guy is vulnerable doesn't mean it's open season on his head.

Apparently,it does. ;)

No action taken,hummmmm.

IMO...it was a cheap/dirty hit & that's all I have to say about the hit.

Did not involve elbow...but still does not change my view.

You know,at times....the N.H.L. looks like a farce.

They have many double-standards......makes my head spin at times. ;)

And I wish Booth a speedy recovery.

Little slew foots get fines/suspensions while blatant hits to the head get nothing.

:blink: Go figures. ;)

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I hope people really see what caused this, Richards checked him properly,Booth had his head down, if you want to play with your head down go back to the minors. It is unfortunite that he is hurt so severely but you can't blame Richards I don't believe he should be suspended. It a fast game and you have to protect yourself, players don't protect themselves the way they used to. Eveeryone has seen players whatch thier pretty pass and if you can line someone up you do it, it keeps people paying attension,.

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My saying goes: "Make your pass and admire only the goals."

Booth had his head down and was checked clean. How do you expect Richards to suddenly let up when he is charging full force at high speed to make a solid check? It is akin to driving 90km on the highway and attempting to stop on the dime because a pigeon landed in front of you. Guess what? You have a dead pigeon and a ruined back thanks to a pile up.

Slew foots are called because there is nothing a person can do to prevent them. Booth could have prevented the extent of the hit from Richards had his head been up. It was unfortunate and everyone hopes Booth is recovering quickly however it was not intent and not suspension worthy, although I do admit if this had been a lower tier player the league may have tossed a couple games at him.

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  • 3 weeks later...

One discussion that is sure to take much longer is headshots, which will be examined at length on Wednesday. It's the current hot-button issue around the league and there are a variety of opinions about what could be done to curb blows to the head.

While some are in favour of the status quo, others are anxious for change.

"I'm more concerned long-term about what's going on," said Tampa Bay Lightning GM Brian Lawton, who recently lost rookie Viktor Hedman to injury after a big hit from Ottawa's Chris Neil.

"I had raised some of the concerns long before Viktor got hurt. So I think it's very timely and I don't want to deviate from that (issue). I'm more interested in the long term, what are we going to do, because it costs the teams a tremendous amount when players are injured. That's the bottom line."

Veteran Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford also thinks it's time to try and institute a rule designed to help reduce headshots.

"The players are bigger, they're faster, and (the game) happens so much quicker and everything is so much harder (than it used to be)," said Rutherford. "We've got the seamless glass now, I know it's supposed to move a bit, but it doesn't move a whole lot. Everything we have is to better the game, which it has, but it also puts players in a position that they can get hurt more."

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