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Oct. 30th 2009 | Regular Season Game #13 - Montreal Canadiens @ Chicago Blackhawks


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I can't remember posting to many negative comments about the habs. If I have you could probably count them all on one hand.

I know this isn't the GDT for the pens game but...well I was busy yesterday.

Just need to say that I was really frustrated with that pens game! Not because we lost. Frankly I was anticipating a loss for a couple reasons. But I was mad for the way the habs played against crosby. I would like to see montreal play crosby way more aggressivly. They treat crosby so tenderly.... so lovingly! It's as if crosby is montreal's hero or as if crosby is thier mother and they don't want to see anything happen to him. If crosby would have fell over I'm sure a montreal player would have been there to catch him.It looks like he's playing with a force field bubble around him. My nick name for crosby actually is the bubble boy.

I want them to get on that kid....take a penalty if nessessary if he's on the door step and about to score, crosscheck him to the ice, earn that penalty that you are going to receive regardless if you touch him or not. Even though crosschecking crosby would probably result in that player being suspended for life. I bet their are lots of players that could double the amount of points they generally get if they knew knowbody could touch them.

I know montreal is going to come back with a strong effort in chicogo. But they just have too much respect for the pens,way too much respect!!! :angry:

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Most of Huet's former teamates on Mtl are gone so the response you'd expect he'd make probably won't be there. If he stands on his head like we know he can.....it'll be to stick it to BG.

Again, I expect that the Habs will be OK in the first period, but the Hawks will come on strong in the 2nd & 3rd periods, collecting the home win.

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Gameday! Even though it won't be televised on TSN or CBC. Defence must step it up against the 'Hawks because they can light it up just like the Pens did. Look for Carey to have a strong game (we all hope) i think he has something to prove in tonight's game. Hopefully the lines will be clicking and making stuff happen because i think we will need at least 4 goals to win tonight.

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Excellent thread... though your depiction of Huet makes him take up the entire net.... we'd have to get goals by poking the puck through the gut....

:lol: Yeah, but he's got a milkshake sitting there on the net behind him - he'll be too busy stuffing his gut to stop pucks with it!

Gameday! Even though it won't be televised on TSN or CBC

You need to get the Super Sports Pack through your cable provider my friend, you'll never miss another game - even though you occasionally have to suffer through some excruciating hometown cheerleading from the announcers for whatever team the Habs are playing. Although come to think of it, we have to deal with that every Saturday on Coach's Corner anyway... :rolleyes:

Great GDT again, I have a good feeling about tonight's game. Apparently JM really read the boys the Riot Act a couple times in yesterday's practise, and he's tinkered with the lineup a bit - I think the Habs will be wide awake and focused for the match!

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i like the move that Jacques will make for tomorrow night moving Kostitsyn up to the 1st line with Gomer and Brian... put him with our best players and see if there is any response

i like it too. i hope he makes the most of it.

a bounce-back game would be nice.

do we know who's in nets tonight?

edit: great thread!

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Could we go with Halak and Price and just use 5 D? Optimism didn't work the last time so I'm going the negative, sarcastic path. LOL


let's hope it works. the dual goaltenders (both in full gear?) and the sarcasm. whatever it takes to get two pts.

unfortunately, wasn't our top pairing also our worst pairing on wed? i expect better from them tonight, then maybe our goaltenders won't have to worry about the one-on-one battles. ;)

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