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Reg. Season Game 15 - Canadiens @ Bruins


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November 5th At The TD Banknorth Garden



Montreal is 7-8-0, have 14 points and are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference

Boston is 6-7-1, have 13 points and are in 12th place in the Eastern Conference

Leading Scorers



Mike Cammalleri

7 Goals-7 Assists-14 Points



Tomas Plekanec

4 Goals-10 Assists-14 Points



Patrice Bergeron

4 Goals-4 Assists-8 Points

Projected Goaltenders



Carey Price

3.64 GAA, .883%



Tim Thomas

2.60 GAA, 912%

Canadiens Projected Lineup








Have A Nice Game Everyone

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So... What does everyone think? Back with Price or Jaroslav? I have a feeling Jaroslav will go, but it might not be a bad idea to give Price another start on the road... Perhaps Price can be our road goaltender and Halak can be our home goaltender? :rolleyes::D

i dont care, i go to as many road games as I go to the bell :lol:

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If Halak plays ....Mtl will lose in OT......if Price plays....Mtl will lose and 3 or more goals scored against them.

The best they can do is get one point......it's on the road & coach Julien gets his team to put in a little more energy when they play the Habs.

Halak has been outstanding in OT/shootouts. Why would we lose? If Price plays, the defense doesn't. We score, they score. Always the same. Somehow, free 5 goal chicken wings are not so appealing when we lose.

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Guest habs1952
SHEEEEEESH, Habs in Beanie town,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just what we need,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to get slaughtered. <<<<<<bangs head against wall>>>>>>>

I am getting toooooooooooooooooo old for this

YOU and I are getting toooooooooooooooo old for this. :)

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This city is obsessed with goalie talk :lol: My son is 6 and the first ting he does in the morning is check the scores on nhl . com :blink:;)

This morning first thing he says is "Dad who gets the start? Price or Halak?"

I told him we don't know yet..coach has to decide. He said he'd give Price the start if he was the coach. (I think he feels bad for him for last game).

GO HABS GO!!!! Can't wait for this game tonight.

Can't wait to see the lineup and to see who gets the start. (official)

lead the way superstar CAMMALLERI!!!!!!!!

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