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#94 - Tom Pyatt 2009-10


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One of, if not the fastest players on this team.

Didn't look out of place one bit with Gomez and Gionta.

Agreed. I'd like to contrast my D'Agostini rant by saying how much I was impressed by Pyatt. Obviously I doubt he'll play this well every game (at least points-wise) but he seemed to have a much better idea of how to play without the puck. I'll even go out on a limb and say he is one of the best dump/chasers we've got on this team, which is especially great playing with guys like Gomez and Gio.

Did anyone else notice that little pump fake he was doing whenever he'd dump the puck in? He'd make like he was skating to get to the puck behind the net, causing the defenseman to turn towards the centre, then he'd switch directions, blow by the D-man along the boards and pick the puck up in the corner with some space to actually do something with it. I saw him do this at least three times.... well, actually the third time the D-man caught on and drilled him into the boards, but hey, you can't win them all :P

Either way, he was a big + tonight

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Was Tom ever projected as a possible top-6 forward, or is he largely considered to be a bottom 6 forward (even when at his best)?

According to HockeyFutures:

Pyatt is a heart and soul type player with good offensive instincts and good hands. He can play both ways, but his size and strength has thus far made for a difficult adjustment to professional play. Though he has second line NHL "potential", he also has the defensive ability to be a checker as well. He needs to get stronger on the puck and quicker in all facets of his game if he is going to make it in the NHL.

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