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Price Preformance


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I know I for a fact have always standed by Price even when we lose considering he's one of my favriote's if not my most now playing. But i would just like to say he look outstanding tonight and was nothing but a brick wall. and i know Halak is good but he seems to be all over the place in less he has changed since last season he can be nothing but brick one night then nothing but air the next.

one reason im thinking Pricey did so well tonight is all the talk about last season playoff sweep and if Price will ever bounce back

and id just like everyone to know hes found his groove i think and once hes HOT hes HOT so im going to say look at alot of Habbers jumping on the bandwagon cause for some of us we dont realize that theres on and off nights i mean not everyone can play like Roy or Dryden during there prime mid season everygame



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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