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Game #18 - Calgary @ Montreal


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in theory, dump and chase should work for our team because we're supposed to be fast enough to be first on the puck deep in the zone. however, with the exception of gionta and moen we have no one willing to ride it out in the crease until the puck gets on their stick (and blocking shots doesn't count, lats).

we started out the season with such a strong passing game and i don't know what happened to it. a split second faster last night would've been enough but as it was the flames were on us too quickly to manage any decent passing.

frustrating across the (offensive) board, really. i just hope martin can find consistent chemistry through two lines so the players can get used to each other and develop their passing game.

welcome to the best sport on earth. :)

Moneypuck posted a nice analysis of the unsuitability of the dump-and-chase approach for us in (I think) the State of the Habs thread, and I agree with him.

Martin wants us to play a puck-possession game, and we have forwards like Gomez, Cammalleri, Gionta, Plekanec, and AK who can dangle and carry the play across the blue line ... yet we give up possession, dump the puck in, and then send our carnie forwards into areas where they'll get pulverized by bigger players and lost most of the battles to retrieve the puck. Stop the insanity! Let our forwards use their speed, shiftiness, and stick-handling to gain the blue line with speed on their own.

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All of our problems stem from this right now, the inability to move the puck up the ice quickly and consistently. The only time that they play a decent transition game is when they have a ton of time, I am so sick of watching this defence.

we need to find some offence this is getting ridiculous. :angry::angry:

like to see some secondary line scoring beyond limits... ;)

Boy did the Flames ever seem to really push the boys around last night. Too big and too fast, too strong. :angry:

So.......where do we go from this? ;)

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i know this has nothing to do with the game but who saw those stats on the jerseys we wore yesterday lmao...

from HI/O

posted by Dave Stubbs at 22h06 EST on Nov 10

Because no one asked: the Canadiens have now run their losing streak in tonight's red and green jersey to four games, over nearly 99 years. The Habs, and they weren't even called the Habs back then, last won in that sweater on Feb. 28, 1911, a 3-2 victory over the Montreal Wanderers.

Worse: the Canadiens have now been blanked in two consecutive games wearing that sweater, having lost 5-0 to Ottawa on March 10, 1911. Tonight, Jaro Halak is on the losing end of a shutout. Then: Georges Vézina. Before that 5-0 defeat, Montreal suffered losses of 4-3 to Ottawa on March 8 and 5-3 to Renfrew on March 2.


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I just wanna say that I've never in my life seen a more pussy NHL team than the Canadiens when they played the Flames the other night.

I understand if your team can't hit and isn't very physical, but that's no reason to cross check and start a fight with Phaneuf every time he lays a good, fair hockey hit.

The Canadiens could really learn a lesson about establishing a physical presence from the way the Flames played, but Montreal just couldn't handle it and resorted to cheap shots and starting fights against Phaneuf over perfectly legal checks. Like Gionta's cheap cross checks against Phaneuf just because he couldn't take a hit like a man.

It's a shame that you can't even hit someone in hockey anymore without a bunch of pussies ganging up on you and starting a fight.

I could understand this happening in an American city where the fans don't really understand that hitting is a part of the game, but Montreal, come on...

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