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Game #18 - Calgary @ Montreal


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Apparently he is not afraid of anything. Except when it comes to backing up that big mouth of his. I dont mind "chirpers" and "talkers" in the game, but from my experience playing and watching the best chirpers will back up thier words when push comes to shove.

I lost ALOT of respect for Lapp in the Boston game. He was bold faces called out and he didn't even try to back up his words. If he wants to be an effective aggravater in the league he is going to have to fight, other wise guys will just plain ignore him, your starting to see it even now.

i think the funniest fight i've ever was between Laps and Talbot when the Habs played Pittsburgh. they both got ready to fight, took off their gloves, took off their helmets, and then immediately fixed their hair before they threw a punch

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