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What Is In Your Hockey Bag?


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Since I am sure there are alot of us that play the game we love so much I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone uses to Play Rec League / pickup Hockey.

I will get the Ball rolling:

Helmet: Bauer 5500 Helmet with a Bauer DX100 Visor

Shoulder Pads: NONE

Elbow Pads: Very old classic soft style CCM

Gloves: Red Leather Vic Gloves (about 10 years old)

Pants: Bauer supreme 50

Shins: Easton synergy

Skates: Mission Amp 8

Sticks: Wood Classic Sherwood 5030 (x2)

Comp. Warrior Dolimite (got it for free, no way I was paying the 200 bucks for it)

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Goalie bag

Vaughn Vision chest and arm

Vaughn goal pants

Vaughn pads

Vaughn blocker and snag

Bauer 3000 goal skates

Van Velden mask

Itech cool max shirt and pants.

Players bag

Bauer 5000 helmet with Itech visor

TPS bionic gloves

Bauer 5000 comp skates

Bauer 3000 shinpads

Bauer/cooper armourfoam elbow pads

Bauer/Cooper Armourfoam shoulder pads

Easton wood sticks X2 and a Mission Brad Boyes pro patters composite.

Vaughn composite goalsticks X2

All my goal equipment is custom made to measure none of it is off the shelf stuff.

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