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Habs Need A 3rd Jersey.


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Like to hear others' ideas. I am not a fan of the throwbacks, but.... I really like the "leather" look gloves - those are awesome. For a 3rd jersey as a permanent option I would really think it would be cool to have a "black&white/sepia version of our current look.

In other words, the way we would see pictures of "old school players" in that faded sepia look even though they are still donning the BBR. Is there some way of manufacturing a material to look like this (without looking shiny)? Then, use the "leather" look gloves and voila! one hell of a unique and yet nostalgic look.


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Sorry but black and white is littering the league... thats a no go in my opinion

I think you are missing the point with "Sepia" - this dilutes the starkness of simple black & white, with more of an antique hue to it. Hence why I feel it is unique and traditional all in one.

The Red would be more of a very faded Grey

The White would be more of an ever-so- slightly filled deep jaune.

Bleu would be a darker richer version of the red.

Kind of like when you buy an expensive pair of jeans that have a "slightly" worn out look to it, so you dont have to where brand spanking new ugly-arse jeans for 1 year until they look good.

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Third jerseys are great for small market teams with small followings as a way to generate extra revenue. But we're the freakin' Habs, and we don't need to litter the sports stores with cash-grab marketing ploys. The vintage white jersey pictured above is okay and I don't mind seeing it once or (maybe) twice in a season, but that's as far as that sort of silliness goes - we do NOT need a 3rd jersey. :rolleyes:

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From what Iremember that is our 3rd jersey... Haven't seen it in a few years though.

I think that the reason we have not seen it in a while is for the fact that last season...and again by the looks of things,this season....with all the woop haw lately regarding 100ys/bicentinal celebrations and all....we have been show casing all the teams vintage jerseys.

If not for this,I believe we would only see the 3rd jersey as pic above maybe twice in a season.

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We have such a rich storied franchise history.....not too many teams can lay claim to that.

These vintage jerseys that we are seeing are a test to that & we should be honoured & proud of them.....I know I am................................MAYBE NOT THE STRIPED ONE,GROSS. :lol:

Forever habs.

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ive just placed and order to get the 4 vintage jersey

the one with the CA, the blue one, the red with the black leaf in it (the one they worse against calgary) and the striped one :)

but im not paying full price hehehehe

I could wear the blue one :D ....but the striped.....guess if I was incarcerated.

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