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Is it just me or does the lighting inside the Bell Center keep changing...???? Last year they had some bright spots to the upper left corner of the rink (As seen from TV), behind the visitors goal... Gone this year... Then at the beginning of the year the upper right part of the ice was terribly dark to Carey Price's right--to the point where I wondered if it was bright enough for him to see the puck well, and yesterday a bright bluish spot had appeared lighting the area in front of Carey's net, making for HUGE shadows in the creese... My brother noticed this also.. Strange... I miss the old Forum lighting so much (And lower camera angle--and the ice was painted light blue for TV), it was so perfect on TV, the Bell Center seems just a mess of spots here and there, and the camera is way too far... And the blue line looks black compared to some other rinks where it is bright blue.... I saw some images from 10 years ago, and you wouldn't even recognize the place, it was so dark... New lights for HD TV???? :blink:

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