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Gt: Battle For The Cup- Alouettes Vs Roughriders


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this is their 7th cup game this decade and it will be 6 losses, they are just afraid to play in these games they always have been. the team needs a new quarterback and a new core because this core has never gotten it done and im sick of it

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It has nothing to do with the team as a whole - The Als are capable of winning at least 50% of the trips to the Grey Cup. The problem lies squarely with Flibuly Flu Cavillo. This guy is the biggest choker on the planet. Regular season dynamite but doesn't have an ounce of winning instinct, hence why his Big game stats suck.

He makes everyone around him terrible when the game is on the line - and the only time he is successful is when methodical, mechanical offence works. The minute he has to ad-lib he draws a blank.

Matters not in the long run (at least they did win one), but I just hedged what I already knew with a nice Vegas wager of $500 and the very generous 9.5 spread. Vegas might know spreads, but if they look at regualr season it is an opportunity of all what we Montreal fans already know.

Go Als Go, just keep it under 9 points!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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