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Will Habs Make Playoffs?

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its going to be close.

need Price to continue to play at levels we have not seen since first half of last year..hope it can continue.

need to get top line players back and keep them healthy

need to stop playing NHL games with 3,4,5,6 or so AHL players....even the 3rd and 4th liners - as well as White and Pyatt are playing not sure they are the long term answer for a playoff bound team.

at least 1 move for a top 6 F and some more size (understanding that Laraque is not the answer) up front and back on D.

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3 straight games against divisional rivals, this week is absolutely key. Nice to see we're at least getting a few guys back in the line-up.

I'm going to go ahead and assume we'll need about 94 pts to snag a playoff spot. That's a nice lucky 7 wins above .500 by the end of the year.

We're at -7 right now since we're exactly at .500. A little like Habs magic # I guess but measured in wins, much less accurate, and way less math. :D

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If we play for the rest of the season like we are tonight, we'll see the leafs pass us soon enough.

Isn't this the way the Habs have played for most of this season

Just enough to get to OT , then maybe get an OT win or a shootout win

Sad thing is , we say how lousy the Leafs are yet here we are getting beat by the Leafs and some no name AHL goalie

You would think after they swicthed goalies they could turn it up a notch and throw all kinds of shots at the net , nut nothing

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Even though I think last nights game may have been the worst game of hockey turned in by an NHL team this season, I still think the Habs will sneak into a playoff spot due to the fact that I feel they can only improve from here and they have a weak division. If they slip into 8th or even 7th, they will be smoked in the first round again. However, since the division has no standout team, they could even finish 3rd and have one competitive series.

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