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How long do you figure the habs will be paying the price for the Rockets retaliation against an oh so deserving ref?

I don't care how bad they played tonight, the leafs can trip ,hook , and even a few high sticks, but don't let the habs thinkl they can hit a guy for the puck.

A light hit to boot, but no matter the puck is there and he tried to get it, I guess I didn't notice how far away he came from and how hard he crushed him lol.Charging? Why not just call it what it was no body contact if you play for the habs, It's ok to hit us though as a growing list of injuries attest.

Might just be something to that book about the rampant bias, now I know I'm of a bias opinion myself but when you see a blatent trip or hook and even the comentators say what a good defensive play it was, well for me enough is enough, no Canadian team will do anything as long as the league continues to "grow" to the south, what better way to build a fan base than with a champion, too bad it only lasts for a year. Just ask anyone in Carolina or Tampa Bay.

This year can we all just say " Pheonix"? Cause if Bettman has his way, Lord Stanley will pay a visit this summer.

Now before you start, I do not expect the habs to win every game, or a cup every year, But with the officiating the way it is, it's a complete suprise when they win one at all.

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