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Kevlar Skate Guards


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Following up on protecting against getting cut by opposing players skates, Mike Cammalleri has been wearing these as recommended by Bob Gainey after Andrei Markov's horrifying injury. He claims they saved him the first time he tried them:

"I didn't know how it would be playing with them; it was in Washington (last week)and I got my skate sliced open, and my lace sliced off, and actually had a red mark under there where it could've cut my ankle tendon," Cammalleri then proceeded to show me the mark where he would've been cut. "I'm a believer. Bob (Gainey) brought it to our attention that maybe we should be wearing these things. It seemed like a good idea to me and Bob is someone I listen to."

Staying along the theme of protecting against preventable injury, Ryan O'Byrne says the Kevlar skate guards worn on the front of the boot, are great:

"I actually busted a pair of them blocking a shot, but they do the job. Made me think of what could've happened had a I not been wearing them." He made sure to place his back-up pair in his bag for the trip to Buffalo.


I was wondering if anyone had any pictures or a link where i can see these Kevlar Skatre Guards, I tried Bing'ing it on Bing.ca but no luck?

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