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NOW he says this after Hartford, Quebec and Winnipeg are gone from the league. I guess seeing those great big arenas in Nashville, Atlanta, Florida, Tampa and Phoenix with 8,000- 10,000 in attendance must have changed his mind. Perhaps, maybe this gives some hope back to those lost cities...

Why is he still the commish? :huh: ? I've been saying what he just said for years now......whats better a sold out 16,000 seat arena in a hockey market or 3/4 empty big arena in Atlanta?

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So how do they re work the numbers to make Rev sharing for those markets then. Most of the markets up here would be ok with a 15-16K seat barn in Quebec city and Winnipeg etc but then how does that relate to the slugs down south like T Bay Florida and PHX to name a few not to mention the lacklustre attendance that the Preds still seem to pull. Bettman needs to pull his head out of his arse and the owners need to issue him a pink slip and s swift kick in the rear on his way out the door. Fans of the Southern teams all say oh it isn't Bettman he works for the owners yada yada maybe so but the owners for whatever reason sure seem to covet his advice. Mind you with the Sharks owner speaking out against the whole JB thing maybe the winds of change are starting to blow through the NHL owners and we will see someone with a real sense of the game and what it needs running the show in NY.

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