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Help For An Exposition (nhl & Economic Crisis)


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hello people,

I need your help for an exposition at university.

I'm doing a research on how the people's interest in visiting NHL gameshas changed (or not changed) during the period of the global financial crisis. The assumption is that people go less to live events to save money, but you can prove me wrong.

Furthermore I've seen that the Canadiens have always had a very high attendance during the last few years, therefore I added some Canadiens-specific questions to those generals.

So here are the general questions:

1. Do you ever visit NHL games?

If yes:

1.1. Have you visited less games during the last 3 years? If yes: is it because of financial


1.2. How were the impacts of the global crisis in your region? Worse, same or less bad than

in the rest of the USA & Canada?

2. If your financial situation gets worse – how would you save money? Would you

rather visit less NHL games or renounce something else (hobbies, going

out, gas etc.) ?

3. Have you experienced the financial crisis personally at all ?

Now the Canadiens-questions:

1.Why do the Canadiens always have such a big attendance?

2.What if the Canadiens would surprisingly play a horrible season? Would you go less to the stadium then?

If you have an idea what might be an interesting questions or if you wanna say something I haven’t asked for, just say it please! :)

Thank you in advance!

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