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Bell Centre Bathroom Graffiti


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Since I'm sure about 50% or more of you have never had the opportunity of venturing into the women's washrooms at the Bell Centre, I thought I'd take a few cell phone pics of some particularly amusing graffiti that can be found there. (Bilingualism may be required to enjoy the humour). These were taken in the bathroom that's accessible through Lucien L'Allier train station (I often venture there when I desperately need to pee before getting on the train home, and usually come out laughing about something, or checking my purse for hand sanitizer due to the lack of soap, whichever).

This first one appears to be an argument between several bathroom-goers over who is going to marry Maxim Lapierre--something tells me none of these girls have actually met Max. And did we really need to bring somebody's mother into this argument?


Somehow I think the last girl in this one meant to say "plus" and not "pu"... there is some bad language in this one, hope I don't get in trouble for posting it. :unsure: Next to it was a large message that said "Go Leafs Go, #8". EDIT: fixed the bad language as best I could without ruining the effect.


If I was going to pick a player to be my sugar daddy, it probably wouldn't be Metropolit, but one of these girls seems rather fond of him:


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