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situation 1: right of the faceoff you are on a 2 on 1. you have the puck. do you...

a) deke and shoot= 2a)

b ) pass for the easy shot = 2b)

situation 2a) you chose to deke and shoot. bad choice. the shot was blocked. the offence quickly starts to go to the other end of the ice. do you...

a) wait at the oppositions side of the ice for a pass = 3a)

b ) help out your d by skating back = 3b)

situation 2b) you chose to pass for the easy shot. nice choice! you partner gets the wide open shot but instead passes back to you. do you...

a) shoot = 2a)

b ) stall so your whole team can get set up = 4a)

c) pass = 4b)

situation 3a) you chose to float. bad choice, your defence nor your goalie could bail u out they score and win the game 1-0.

situation 3b) you skated back to your end of the ice to help your defence. nice job, you bail them out by blocking a shot. you have the puck. do you...

a) pass cross ice to your teamate = 2b)

b ) skate up with it deke and shoot = 2a)

situation 4a) you waited for your teamates too come. not the best choice because you got pokechecked. do you...

a) poke at the players stick to get the puck back = 5)

b ) skate back to help your d = 3b)

situation 4b) you pass. sweet. your teamate decides to shoot. he scores! you win the game final score 3-1

situation 5) you chose to get pokey. tisk tisk. you get the penalty and the other team scores and wins the game 2-1.

hope you liked it took me alot of work!

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I see where you were going with it. Nice work, but I do not believe that if you get the puck back and don't shoot (4a) that you would be penalized. You are encouraging wimpy players who have no confidence to shoot. Passing is what the Mtl Canadiens have been doing for 15 years. When was the last time we had a goal scorer? Ask Ovechkin if he would have passed it back a "second" time?

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Took me a while to finally get to the winning goal, I passed and shot and got back and passed and passed and we scored!!!........I played goal in my younger days before I blew my knee out, so I never was a scorer, when I would get to play forward in a pick up game I enjoyed setting up a goal more than scoring one, like when we would play football I would get a bigger thrill out of throwing the block to spring someone for the touchdown that scoring it myself.......

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