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Have You Ever Met Any Hockey Players?

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Hey guys, had a great night last monday night. Got the chance to have a little chat with Max Lapierre, Sergei Kostitsyn and Andrei Kostitsyn.

Now now, when i say little chat i don't mean hi-bye type thing But neither was it an intense conversation. I work at the resto-bar Cafeteria on St- Laurent and they just walked in for a couple drinks. They came up and sat at the bar and chilled out. At first i was alittle hesitant to say anything but hey im working right so i offered them a couple drinks on me and we started chatting. like i said nothing intense, chit-chatting you know. Also i didn't bring up anything about hockey that they didn't bring up themselves, kind of thought that's something they get enough of already you know. I tell ya 3 am came around like no time! lol

Honestly its funny how we get these impressions about players/people and then realize how normal they really are. i don't know i guess i put them a little higher than they really are. The Kostitsyn's are hilarious by the way. You really can tell they are brothers. It was funny/cute the way Andrei really takes care or Sergei. Like they are both grown men and all but you can really still see the big brother aspect when they are together. I was really impressed with Sergei honestly, he acted humble and nice for guy who just about everybody seem to not like after he asked for a trade. Andrei is real classy guy, he just has a way about him. Didn't talk too much to Max, nice guy though but honestly kinda acted like his *#&% doesn't smell. you know?

Well at the end of the night got the opportunity to shake the Bros' hands, not Max though he left a lot earlier, and then the night was done. I think that night i could of cared less if didn't get paid a cent, it was still worth it.

So anybody get any lucky chances to meet anybody famous? People/players.

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Got the chance to meet the whole 07-08 team right before the season started. There was a team organized supper for suite (a loge) season ticket holders. My mom is the big boss' assistant and her boss didn't want to go, so she gave the 2 tix to my mom. So, I went with my mom.

Everyone was assigned to different tables and each table had a coach or player. I got the chance to talk to pretty much every player, but for the most part I talked with Carey Price, since I was at his table and even was sitting right next to him. He was awesome! We obviously talked hockey (this was the day they announced he had made the team out of training camp as a rookie), but we talked about so many different things. He was real cool, down to earth and so calm! Around 9:30 or so, players could leave whenever they wanted. At 9:35, there were only 2-3 players left and Price was one of them. He stayed until 10, when team officials told him he had to leave!

I also met Chris Higgins and Garth Murray, when I was shopping at Simons downtown. That was a very quick chat I had with them, but I didn't want to bother them too much. They were shopping winter coats haha!

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I work at an arena, and one time this guy came in and I held the door open for him and the girl he was with. I recognized him but didn't get a chance to say anything. But I was bringing a table to a garage and on the way back from that, he was standing there looking at something on his phone. As I walked by, he looked at me and I said "has anybody told you how much you look like Kirk Muller?" And he said "Ya, I've heard that before." Once I heard his voice I knew it was him. So I kind of laughed, and walked off, and told everyone I saw Kirk Muller at my work. It was either earlier this year, or late last year.

One of the more memorable days at a fairly boring job.

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From my earlier posts.....When I attended a habs legends game in November.....

Was surprised to see that Martin Lafleur is on the squad....along side dad.

Game was entertaining...as always they are...been to a few...brings back memories watching the legends out there.

After the game....went to the post game party..where I was able to meet all the legends....have a few pictures taken......of course with #10...my all-time favorite growing up...

Was nice to meet the following players...as I was able to get all their signatures on my stanley cup habs banner...looks awesome hanging in my habs hockey room.....

#10 Guy Lafleur, #32 Mario Roberge, #71 Patrice Brisebois, #28 Karl Dykhuis, #12 Serge Boisvert, #39 Alain Cote, #27 Gilbert Delorme, #36 Sergio Momesso, #45 Gilbert Dionne, #33 Richard Sevigny, #44 Stephane Richer, #21 Bob Kaine, #16 Tom Johnston......And Guy's son,Martin Lafleur.



My stanley cup habs banner has the following signatures: Guy lafleur,Ken Dryden,Doug Jarvis,Chris Nilian,Gaston Gingras,Kirk Muller,Guy Carbonneau.

And i have a Guy Lafleur autograph jersey. :D

Besides getting autographs at the party.....did sit & talk a little wtith some of the players at their table....but time was limited....of course.

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