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Dec. 19th Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders


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The Habs had better realize how devoted the fan base is on this road trip. They should go out there and play their butts off. We follow them all over the U.S.A., and they had better play as well as the fans are committed to the team.
true i have spent thousands of dollars going to games down in beanstown on bus trips and half the place was filled with our fans!!!
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did I just hear that they ask fans that are in the upper part of the stands at the Nassau Coliseum to go in the lower section lol! Nice for them!

you have been to there . what a dump had 8th row tickets four years ago sat in a friggin folding chair.

My son got Sourays stick (he broke it warm ups) then he got a puck that kovalev shot (it was stuck in net he used stick to knock it down.)

We were on opposite side from canadiens bench , he walked all the way around asked

equipment manager for it he taped it and handed it too him.

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