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Dec. 19th Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders


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how is every team that needs a #1 goalie not knocking on our door....what a goalie.

Obviously there is a lot of good goaltenders to be had for very cheap so the market is really depressed. Durability and consistency are still issues but that applies to basically any young goalie so it shouldn't been too much of a problem.

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all good calls

we deserved it every time cannot be that undisciplined

If Jaro was not standing on his head we could be down 2 easily and pleks would be villian

Not a chance. The first call was not interference, Park was trying to hit Pleks. Second, good call that time, Pleks was holding with one hand on the man and one on the stick. Third call, total crap, Pleks did not trip him, he was just in the vicinity as the Islander fell. Pleks is a bit tired, but 2 of the 3 penalties were bad calls.

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i do believe that he is sick of killing penalties

It gives Lapierre the opportunity to do what he's always done best, but didnt even get to do this year, killing penalties. Lapierre has always been really good on the PK, I don't know why JM took him out of it. I think it's an aspect of the game that used to give him a lot of confidence in a game because he was always the best attacker on it and it was kind of a boost for him.

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