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Dec. 19th Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders


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Not a chance. The first call was not interference, Park was trying to hit Pleks. Second, good call that time, Pleks was holding with one hand on the man and one on the stick. Third call, total crap, Pleks did not trip him, he was just in the vicinity as the Islander fell. Pleks is a bit tired, but 2 of the 3 penalties were bad calls.

watch again he clearly grabs with his left arm pulls mand down as he goes around him on first. NOT even close. 2nd lazy penalty. Third all alone in o zone and pulls him down.( third one may be questionable.

first one was so blatant I cannot believe anyone can argue it.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ouselves another goaltending debate as to who is the real number one!

no you don't

This is clearly a showcase game

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how is every team that needs a #1 goalie not knocking on our door....what a goalie.

Obviously there is a lot of good goaltenders to be had for very cheap so the market is really depressed. Durability and consistency are still issues but that applies to basically any young goalie so it shouldn't been too much of a problem.

The panel was discussing this earlier today.....saying that if BG sends him on his way.....as his agent has already told BG that he will be demanding more $$$$$$......it will be a gamble.....for the fact that if we are around 7th or 8th spot.....having a #2 back up goalie such as Halak.....would of course help our cause going into the playoffs.

The mention that they feel that we would not get a 2nd pick......but most likely a top 6 forward.

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Glad we're up 2-0....but I sure wish the boys would play smarter. Maybe the coach needs to coach smarter. Too many giveaways, and when we get chances, we seem to make the wrong decisions. Like Patches making that great move, then giving the puck up instead of shooting. Or Gomez streaking into the zone, only to put on the brakes and stop. Take it to the net, for crying out loud!

And at one point, we were giving up a 3-on-2 and made a line change! What's up with that?

Gill is having a lousy game, too. Wish he would be more consistent.

In fact, inconsistency seems to be a trademark for this team. This season especially. Earlier, we were totally outshooting our opponents. Now it's just the opposite. Earlier, we were blowing away teams, then we get blown out five games in a row.

We should use our speed more to our advantage. We aren't the biggest team in the NHL, so might as well be the fastest.

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wow... i just relized the Habs game is on CBC when i've been watching it on RDS struggling to understand the french....

In the future, when they are only on RDS you ought to mute the TV and put the radio on either via computer or an actual radio. I would suggest the latter as the computer may have a delay.

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