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Dec. 19th Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders


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It's hard to say what's going on for sure I guess. Let's face it - the D corps has been a revolving door of players since day one. And Laraque appears to be absolutely useless. Some of the D (Hamrlik, Mara, Spacek) banged up anyway and Markov's just coming back. It would make sense to put Hamrlik out there if he feels ready with limited minutes. It makes me nervous for all of the aforementioned players though that they could be risking further injury. Mara wasn't supposed to play against Minnesota but with Hamrlik down he did.

I guess we'll no when the puck drops, if in fact it drops. For now I need to go shovel some snow. LOL

Your right, most of our defensemen are injured/banged up... Try to roll 3 lines +1 of forwards and 4 lines of defense to ease up the pressure on defense... let them have a bit of a break... We're playing the Isles, so we might be able to get away with it...

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Let's hope the sucking stops here, because there's no excuse now with Markov back in the lineup. Unless we want to blame H1N1. :rolleyes:

This is what I fear JR.....that some may think that he's the missing link....don't get me wrong here,he's been a huge lose,am glad to have him back in the line up.....will hopefully in due time can bounce back from his lengthy time away/injury & help us tremulously.........but he's only one player.

Are we thinking that he and only his absence is the reason for our game after game woes.

IMO......IT IS NOT.....contributed some yes.......but there's issues that lie within this team...and needs to correct itself,and fast or else......................................GOLF ;) .....Just my 2 cents.


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