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True Or False


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Guest archey

False :(

The poster below gets dressed up on Halloween. I posted this question because some stores have their Halloween stuff out already <_< .

frankly i have never dressed up for halloween.

the poster below knows what's in soap. (it's lye...you have to have known that without reading this to say true.)

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The poster below eats fresh fruit.

true, if a banana in the AM counts....otherwise so rarely i'd have to say false.

poster below wears a bathrobe from time to time (minimumly)

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:lol: :lol: ,,,me?,,,,,,,own an iphone? Not in my lifetime. It's all I can do to operate my cell-phone,,,(and before 52 gets in here),,,,when I don't forget it. :lol:

The poster below crosses the border,,,,at least 3 times per year.


The poster below me watches the news every day.

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True(Don't ask me how I ride a vehicle at the age of 12)

The poster below eats chocolate even though they don't have teeth.

yes i was thinking about chocolate today. is that what you asked?

the poster below has the wedding march by mendelsohn and asks realistic questions. :lol::lol:

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