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True Or False


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Are you out of your cotton-pickin mind? :blink::P False

The poster below has at least a 15 minute commute to school/work.

(I'm glad this thread was brought back up :))

True. Try an hour sometimes more.

The poster below me knows someone who is adopted.

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The poster below me will miss/is missing/missed the Canada-US game because they were at school.

False,I don't go to school but,,I stumbled on it and watched it with 10 (well sorta) :)

The poster below will watch tomorrows game at 10:15 AM against Norway.

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True street hockey sometimes, I made a net with my friends and I try to do everything myself so they get mad :lol:

The poster below me wants Jagr to sign in Montreal


The poster below me has made a cake from scratch.

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