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AWESOME movie!! That was a good one!

yeah I was pleasently surprised. Good to see im not the only one that has gotten the chance to enjoy that movie. the only downside to it was it was extremely unrealistic. I mean I can see a kid being a musical genious, but to pick up a guitar for the first time and be amazing at it in 9 seconds is a bit absurd. but then again, it is a movie

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:blink: It's been so long since I last posted here! :D

Ginger Snaps 8/10 (surprisingly!)

North Country 8/10

10 Things I Hate About You 7.8/10

Smallville 9 9.5/10

(Spycho Davis...

<_<:( )

Heroes 3 2/2 6/10

The Invention of Lying 7.8/10

Running With Scisors (sp?) 6/10

The Mist 7.9/10

28 Weeks Later 6.9/10

The Timekeeper 8/10 (you've GOT to see this movie!!! ;) )

The Stepfather 6/10

Thirteen Ghosts 7/10

Fame 6/10 (way too many storylines)

Dreamcatcher 6.5/10 (not what I was expecting at all, but still liked it! lol)

The Virgin Suicides 6/10

Smallville 9 1/2 8/10

The Experiment 7/10

Legion 7/10

Edge of Darkness 7/10

The Spy Next Door 6.5/10

Adam 7.2/10

The Tudors 1/2 7.5/10

The Outsiders 7.8/10

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