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River City Sports?


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Here's another question, though I don't care if the answer is no, does Rivercity put on the 100-year patch? NHL.com doesn't, and many retail stores don't either.

Also I was looking at the official Habs catalogue (link) a few mins ago and it says RBK Edge jerseys ordered from there come with a Centennial shoulder patch. Replicas are 150$, Authentics are 330$

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Why do I continue to shop for jerseys online? WHY? Clearly no one knows what they are doing. I'm told in the confirmation it's in stock, yet suddenly now it's not. The voicemail assured me they would attempt to get it to me on time anyway, but that still means it has to be customized and may take like 6 weeks.

That's unacceptable I'm not waiting that long after last time. I tried calling the number they left and I can't get through. After the number selection it just hangs up on me.

This is is unreal. Every single online jersey order I have ever made has gone south. Am I cursed or what?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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