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The Ottawa Senators Complaint To Nhl About The Refs Worked

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the ottawa sentators made a complaint about the referring to the league. and little do know it worked shame on the league, montreal had that game under control and the refs were clearlyr the dikkerrence ,they called everything against montreal and let everything go against ottawa,their several plays just for ewample the go ahead goal not one but 2 ottawa players stick hit halek in the head,merkov is nskaketing and a ottwa player has his stick he even looks back atb the ref and gives him a look. i know the refs suck this for some rerason but it was so out there about the phone call it made me sick..do you here about the pnone call and what do you think................

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Firstly, I believe I speak for us all, when I say I would like a source. Secondly, please, make an attempt for proper spelling. "clealyr the dikkerrence"? What?

  1. the Swedish chef from The Muppets?
  2. someone's moved the keys about on the keyboard?
  3. sloshing the swill while typing away?
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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