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First Habs Game/habs Jester Hat

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Ok, so I am a lifelong habs fan and I am going with my gf to my first habs home game in march! i'm so excited. I have a few questions for all you seasoned montrealers. We are staying at the embassy suites in old city, and I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on romantic restaurants in the area? Is Schwartz's really worth the trip? And I really want to go nuts at this game, like buck wild (face painted, jersey, flag drapped around me) the works. I am trying to find the new era "jester" hats of the habs that i've seen habs fans wearing at away games to philly and washington and have seen home fans wearing on tv. I can't find one online, and being from around crappy philadelphia, they have nothing but fn' flyers stuff around and no habs! so I'm wondering if there are going to be plenty of selection in the city or is there a place online? That question probably sounds really dorky ha. Ok well any help from you guys and girls would be greatly appreciated! i've been a reader of this forum for years now (i've been a habs fan since 91), but just been content with reading and not interacting. I'm looking forward to interacting now and I promise to always talk highly of pouliot (he's a beast!) and never to start a vinny rumour! ha. Thanks again for your help with the city and the hat!

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well not sure for the hat. I'm assuming the hab's store will have them (direct access from the bell center at the game, if you go before you have an outdoor entrance as well right were the centenial square or whatever its called is.) There's also sports shops (eaton center/malls) and souvenire shops that might carry them around st catherine street. As for Swartz, i've never actually been myself but if you like smoked meat apparently its the best you can have from what i've been told (cut to your liking and everything) but be prepared for a long wait and/or no place to sit. As for romantic restaurant not a pro on that so i guess you'll have to wait for another response on that one. I'ld say you'ld probably have the most luck with the old port though it tends to be on the pricy side. and i found these two sites which seem rather complete and might help if no one else answers



hope that helps. And have fun at the game!!!

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