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Hockey Canada Chant (pepsi)


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Oh look, another company trying to force feed us their product. "EH O PEPSI SUCKS".

It felt good to see that the crowd in Saskatoon yesterday chanted the traditional one instead of the commercialized garbage.

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Does anyone else think the "EH O CANADA GO" is one of the stupidest chats you have ever heard? its BAD!
It's assinine (or however that word is spelled). Embarrassing too.

If I drank Pepsi, I'd be stopping.

In fact since they own Gatorade now, I am planning on switching to Powerade.

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Guess what gets me mad about Pepsi is this back door campaign. The actual soft drink sponsor for the 2010 Olympics is coca cola. Pepsi's tactic may have a negative effect on future games sponsors. Why pony up the cash to be an official sponsor when some other company can craftily get more recognition and blur the public perception?

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