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Fantasy Gm Thread

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Ok let me start first!!!





now i won't have to post my crazy dreams in if i were a GM. I had this dream a little while ago

Don't ask me about the trades. I don't know what happened,



downie-lapierre- latendresse ( i had this dream when latendresse was in mtl)

???????- chipchura(he was still in mtl too) - ???????






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This is sort of pointless

we have a "If you were GM"

and this will either be the same or really unrealistic

but I would trade MA Bergeron for that giant lizard

My point exactly for starting this thread. The "If i were G.M" thread had turned into " let's just say the first thing that comes to mind" thread.

Got kind of tired of seeing "hey guys lets trade our garbage for others teams gold and really believe it will work too cause it worked NHL09" but you know whatever i just wanted to try and filter out the guys who wanted to post things that were too far-fetched that it made reading and posting in the "if i were GM" thread, completely pointless.

The thing is if i was the only one thinking the way i did i would of just of put up with it but from the responses i got from other members, im actually rather surprised this thread was moved. I mean maybe i could of been alittle more specific in the title description as i've seen some members rip this thread a new one lol.

I "not so" obviously meant dreams in which a trade (involving Habs players only) went through that probabley wouldn't of happened realistically all the way to video game trades (involving Habs players only) that were pulled off that most likely wouldn't of happened in a realistic and non computer based thinking world.

I meant for this thread to be place where ideas could be posted regardless of how idiotic it might sound or if just worked in a video game. The point was to let members post trade ideas and what not, without criticism of any kind because of the nature of where its coming from.

I understand that it comes down to freedom of ideas aswell as in the real world any idea could possibly come to pass but i was hoping the "If i were G.M" thread would be able to maintain a certain level of integrity that would have members post ideas that would have atleast a factual or historical type ideology to back it up.

Could we possibly start a new thread where these guidelines or rules would be inforced or monitored by the moderators? I understand deciding which post to consider a "no-no" and which one that makes sense could be a un-desirable position to be put in for the Mods but im not asking that posts that are on a fine line be removed, im asking the posts that are obviously past the point of realism be removed.

Any better ideas?

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This will get kind of crazy, bu here it goes...


Brenden Morrow

Joe Thornton

Martin St. Louis

Zach Parise

Brad Richards

Marin Gaborik

Patrick Marleau

Milan Michalek

Chris Kuntitz

Vaclav Prospal

Glen Metropolit

Martin Erat


Andrei Markov

Shea Weber

Andrej Meszaros

Jay Bouwmeester

Keith Ballard

Cam Barker


Marc-Andre Fleury

Jaroslav Halak

Carey Price

This is my roster for NHL 10 :)

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This would be cool too...

Alex Ovechkin-Sidney Crosby-Rick Nash

Ilya Kovalchuk-Evgeni Malkin-Dany Heatley

Partick Marleau-Joe Thornton-Marian Gaborik

Steven Stamkos-Nicklas Backstrom-Alexander Semin

Nicklas Lidstrom-Scott Niedermayer

Dion Phaneuf-Mike Green

Andrei Markov-Duncan Keith

Martin Brodeur

Roberto Luongo

Marc-Andre Fleury

Notice that all of the players here are either from Canada, Russia or Sweden...


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