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Theo Fleury Rips Flames

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Ripping teammates that outperformed him in camp? Scoring an "historic shootout goal in an exhibition game"? Didn't know there was such a thing. What exactly makes it historic? The fact that it was him who scored it? :blink::wacko:

Sorry Theo, I really like you and think you were a great hockey player but that's just lame.

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Last week, Theo Fleury used his blog to rip the Calgary Flames' decision to cut him from the roster after a pre-season tryout. On Monday, he used it again - this time to apologize for his comments.

"I sometimes say and do things without thinking," Fleury wrote on Monday. "I want to apologize to Craig Conroy and Robyn Regehr for my comments. I will never forget my 2 and a half weeks this September and how great it was being with the boys again. The Calgary Flames organization is one of class and integrity and the comments that I made were uncalled for. Please accept my apology."

On the blog post last week, Fleury griped about the organization's decision to cut him months after it had happened.

"At one hundred and eighty pounds, I finished 11th out of 56 guys at camp in the fitness test and scored a historic shootout goal in an exhibition game after being out of hockey for six years," Fleury reportedly wrote in the original blog. "What does that say about the talent level in the NHL? 4 points and a plus 4 rating in four exhibition games and I get cut. What a joke! Craig Conroy goes the first 37 games of the season with zero goals. I wonder how many I would have had?

"Even with all the stupid people that run the game of hockey, it's still a great game. Go figure," added Fleury in the posting, according to Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun.

Fleury also reportedly predicted that the Flames would lose in the first round of the playoffs and that the team should "trade Robyn Regehr and finally get someone for Iggy to play with."

He pulled the comments down on Wednesday because "it wasn't worth the headache."

On Monday, Fleury said he would change the direction of his personal posts.

"My comments in the future will be more directed to what I'm doing with my life and will reflect the causes that matter to me which are helping people who have suffered from abuse and the great things we have on board for the future," wrote Fleury on Monday.

Fleury, 41, scored 455 goals and 1,088 points in his 15-season NHL career. He played for Calgary from 1988-99.

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He finished 11th out of 56 in fitness. Well, Chelios would probably finish 1st, but that doesn't mean he can start with the flames either. Sutter said it as politely as he could, basically saying the legs aren't there. You can be fit but still have slow legs and slow hands.

Preseason doesn't mean much, the Leafs were hot in preseason for pete's sake.

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