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Who's The Best Player Of The Decade?


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The different era thing can work in Orr's favor too because the league was much smaller. When Orr was in his prime the league was comprised of 12 teams whereas in Gretzky Lemiux is was like 21. That's nearly double the amount of teams which means the talent level was spread out more.

In simpler terms, take all the players in today's league and build 9 less teams. Those teams are gonna have a hell of a higher talent level which makes Bobby Orr's multiple 100 points+ as a dman even that more impressive.

Tell you what. Forget your choice of 3 best players. Pick one. Where do you put Bobby Orr? My pick as the best player ever is Mario.

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In overall talent in every facet of the game of hockye it's obviously Ovechkin just watch some video footage of him playing hockey and compare it to every other player that has ever existed.

Every facet of the game? :huh: Ovechkin is terrible defensively. Defense is one "facet of the game" you know.

Datsyuk comes close second and then the talent drops off from there.

Drops off? :blink: I don't even know how to respond to this.

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