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Canadiens - Rangers | 19h00 | January 7th

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You're correct: their situations are not similar. That's the point. Outcomes tell the tale: Halak is better than Price . . . yet Price is the Habs "#1" goalie. Go figure. If I were Halak, I'd walk.

You're Correct: Halak has a SV% of .927 and Price has a SV% of .915. Statistically Halak is better than Price right now. Price never asked for the position he was thrown into it and told "here, you're the #1 goalie now, perform or the media and fans will have your head."

again pointless debate imo especially when their respective SV% are what they are. Bigger issues on this team must be addressed

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When you look at it, Halak was drafted 271 in the draft Marc-Andre Fluery was drafted first by the pens

Price was drafted 5th in the Sidney Crosby draft.

There is no reason why Price cannot be better then halak, especially when your comparing a 9th rounder to a 1st rounder.

You have to remember in Hocket "kids" are drafted @ 18, so I really don't hold much to the # or round a player was drafted in. It usually takes about 3-4 years to really devolope and mature. When their 18 they haven't even grown into themselves or have thier full confidence yet. Some are natural talents others work into being great. I also have seen several with natural talent end up being very high picks but then because they were natural talents didn't work as hard and didn't become as much.

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No, that's not it. <_< I like both of our goalies equally, I'm just tired of the controversy in the game day threads.

well when the goalie plays like he did last night and you keep sitting the one who is winning consistently for you then yes you are going to have a controversy. Like I have always said I have no problem with Price and hope he turns into another Roy, but he is not even close right now and I am sick of this management shoving him down our throats no matter what!

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Why do you people waste your time arguing over the least important situation on the team, the goaltending.

We have two young talented goalies, stop fighting over which is better, they both are amazing!

Price didn't playing amazing last night but we are not going to win many games scoring 1 or 2 goals a game.

The problem last night was not Price, the reason we lost was...

1. 0/6 on the Powerplay

2. Taking stupid penalties at the wrong time.

3. We only have one scoring line.

To answer your question, for me it's because I truly think the team functions better when Halak is in the net. I want the best functioning team on the ice so to me goaltending is a very important part of this team. They are both talented and that's an important part of the problem.

1. Although we were zilch for 6 on the powerplay directly I'd say that one goal was indirectly a result of the powerplay. The other one I'd say was halfway there at least. So we at least generated momentum.

2. The penalties were going to come - it was just a matter of time.

3. True. LOL

In closing this team struggles 5 on 5. That situation needs more attention than anything.

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