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I was a huge Higgins fan (even purchasing some now obsolete Higgins gear) but his struggles in NY make me feel better about Gomez not really working out that well.

I'm watching it on MSG and they just mentioned him... thus the remark. That is all.

I completely forgot about that guy

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laps has become a real waste of roster space...to me anyways

I think its the people he is playing with and his ice time. Some games he shows tremendous speed and offense. i really think if he played with cammy and pleks instead of D'ags he would be doing much better. He is a speedy player playing with slower line maters

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i'm wondering why he's struggling so much this season. is it that jacques martin is on his case?

could be...could be just a mental thing...could be the pressure he's putting on himself because of the city known as montreal...not sure what it is, but its frustrating watching him regress...he's probably frustrated too...look at that the jets are up...

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