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Thank You Kindred!


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Effectively immediately, Kindred has stepped down as a moderator on this board. As was the case with Graeme, Kindred no longer has the time to commit to being a moderator.

I've had the pleasure of working here with Kindred for a while, and would like you all to join me and the rest of the moderating team in thanking him for all the hours he's logged here. Great job, buddy, and best of luck!

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Thanks for the invested time in here Kindred. Looks like the rest of the mods will be doing a little overtime. Let's hope for an extended win streak to help keep things quiet in here. ;)

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Are we at least getting a top-six forward for him? :D

All kidding aside, the moderators here deserve a lot of credit for keeping this forum the classiest one in the league, for the best fans in the league!

But, just as in hockey, the game must go on, and the next in line has to step up!

Good luck, Kindred!

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Welcome to the outside B)

Thanks for all the time you put in here!

You better watch out... They might pull you back in.

A month or so down the line, you login to your accounts and they've made you mods again. :P

Sorry to see you leave Kindred... I'm guessing that we'll still see you on the boards though.

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