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Game #58 | Canadiens @ Bruins | Feb 4th - 19:00


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Oh my....I'm soooooooooooooo tempted to do it.





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Finally a team that's worse then us. These guys flat out can't score, we should win this game.

we should win this game ... thats probably why we wont...LOL...i hope its an entertaining game...if we win...great all the better...

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I wish I could be as confident as you.

Well...if were going to attempt to get back into the pack....this is one team,at this time I'D WANT TO PLAY...

Should....based on the sens game & last nights....should be able to take down the almighty BIG BAD BRUINS.

I actually feel pretty good going into this match-up.

Let's get to Thomas early & often.

This would be necessary. :P

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I remember the game 1 against the ruins two years ago...I think both brothers scored early

yeah hopefully we show up

yep and in game seven, they killed them. at 4-0 and less than and only a few seconds to play, everyone in the bell centre was standing, chanting, waving the playoffs towels , i had my camera targeted on the bench to catch the players reaction to the win... then serge-i messes my set up by scoring one more :lol:

fun times :)

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